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Exceeding Expectations

It’s not unusual to begin the year talking about class expectations and plans for the year ahead. But getting my students to decide on their own class expectations was a new experience – and such a rewarding one!

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What will you give this Christmas? How about a gift for a cause close to your heart?

I’ll be giving a little less to my family and friends and a little more to those who are in need. The survivors of the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda are in desperate need right now.

Choose a cause that means a lot to your and consider how important one extra gift or donation their way could be – particularly if everyone did the same for one cause!

Presented at Teachmeet Sydney #TMHogwarts – Tuesday 19th November, 2013

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These go hand in hand with the job of teaching. This afternoon, I had the unusual experience of encountering and observing three examples of the ups and downs of these in the school environment. Let’s face it, schools are built on these! At times these can seem incredibly restrictive. At other times, you know that things just wouldn’t happen at all if they weren’t there. Often, they save the day whether we like to admit it or not.

That said, I’m not having a whinge or declaring that doing the right thing and not speaking or acting is the way to go. Rather, I’m sharing my feelings on how frustrating these can be on either side of the coin and the irony of what happens when:
– you don’t follow these and get a negative result;
– you do follow these and still get a negative result;
– you play no part in the process but are unhappy with the result.


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My overview of the Launch Learning program for Teacher Professional Learning at Cumberland High School.

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Teaching and learning. Professional learning. Leading learning. All of this means nothing without achieving better student learning. And so I begin the challenge of developing a Teaching & Learning (TL) Professional Learning program to develop staff at my school to better support student learning at my school. Simple, right? Read the rest of this entry »

Missing Key to PD?

I’ve become very disillusioned with many opportunities for professional development (PD) and professional learning.
Let me rephrase that – I’ve become very disillusioned with some people’s views of professional development and how it should be delivered.┬áThe expectation of attending a PD session just to be a passive sponge is no longer relevant to many of us for professional learning. Just as this is no longer accepted as effective or engaging classroom teaching and learning strategy.

Week 1 Wins!

Six days into the new school year and the summer holidays are but a blur. Week 2 is knocking at the door and it will be super-packed with whole-school events in full swing. But I thought I’d take a breather and reflect on the fantastic first week that was.

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