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In light of the fact that I have been in the Philippines for the last ten days, I thought it would be fitting (pun intended) to mention shoes in a post.

Long has been the battle in PDHPE to encourage students to bring full sports uniform to change into for practical lessons. This may also mean that they need to also bring another pair of shoes to school, depending on your uniform policy. At my school, black leather school shoes are required to be in correct uniform and students need to change into sneakers/joggers for sport lessons. This can add significant bulk and weight to students’ school bags. Therefore, it is not surprising that shoes are the most common item often “forgotten” when packing sports uniform into the school bag.

Introducing ZIPZ – interchangeable shoe system

Multiple shoe upper coverings are available which can be zipped on and off the same sole. What a clever feet-ure!

Students could simply change the top of their shoes from black leather lace ups to colourful sneaker lace-ups, Velcro or high-tops perfect for practical lessons.

  • Cost-effective for parents
  • Less bulk in bags for students
  • Full uniform for practical lessons.

Definitely worth thinking outside the (shoe)box.


Comments on: "Shoe Biz – No Need to be an Imelda!" (1)

  1. Amazing – a definite must have item ( I have Imelda issues). Would be a winner in my girls school.

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