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The Pecha Kucha concept is one which I have been keen to explore more and experiment with at school. So the opportunity has presented itself with a short theory unit in one of our elective classes. Year 9 Physical Activity and Sport Studies (PASS) will be spending their next three theory lessons (one per fortnight) developing a Pecha Kucha presentation about the areas of the topic, Foundations of Physical Activity, which interest them the most. They will present them to the class in our final lesson of the term.

First hurdle – explaining the concept wasn’t easy. The Pecha Kucha site is clear and succinct but my students often respond well to video explanations and many of the videos out there, ironically, were a little long-winded. So I’ve developed my own video highlighting the key points of the Pecha Kucha concept using Animoto.

So now students have the concept and have a broad topic area to work within. I am trying to get them to step out of their comfort zone by removing the linear structure of the unit.  The aim of this activity is to encourage creativity, deep knowledge development and meaningful exploration of the topic. With this in mind, the activity parameters need to be flexible but we established a few guidelines as a class:

–          Pecha Kucha presentation may be developed individually or in pairs

–          At least TWO different areas of the topic are to be covered

–          Students need to include at least TWO images they have created themselves (photos, drawings, graphics, etc.)

–          A soundtrack is also encouraged

–          Keep text to a minimum

–          This is NOT about writing a speech – selecting images that are meaningful will assist with the words flowing during the presentation

The seed has now been planted, now to cultivate it…


Comments on: "Pecha Kucha in PDHPE – Part #1" (2)

  1. Darryn said:

    Looks great Clarinda.

    I am going to pass on to some of members of my faculty. They were having trouble with a year 7 selective class presenting a large amount of information for a relatively simple task.

    I think this might work for them, they will really have to think about selecting the information that will get their point across.

    Look forward to hearing about your harvest.

  2. My experiences with Pecha Kucha have always been really positive. The benefit also is the quality of the presentations which always turn out far superior to standard presentations. Great work Clarinda

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