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Positive Spin

I like to think that I can put a positive spin on just about anything – very much a glass half-full person. However, there are times when this can be incredibly challenging. There are times when even the tiniest frustrations start to pile up and then niggling negativity starts to creep in which makes dealing with every new challenge that little bit more difficult. So I am reminded today of the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his work on positive thought.

A colleague today had quite a horrible day where anything that could go wrong did and a phone call about a sudden illness in the family really topped off her day. A sudden cold snap has made any outdoor activities that touch more difficult this week in our PDHPE department. And we are at that time of the year again where marking, report writing and work commitments are particularly heavy and recent Government budget proposals have created a bleak outlook in some areas.

So how many times a day do we say ‘no’ or find ourselves looking at the dark side of situations? Apparently, as much as eighty percent of our thoughts each day can be negative. The video below mentions briefly the work of Dr Emoto and experiments with water. Maybe it is because I am a Pisces but his work makes so much sense to me. As briefly explained below, it is the idea that our own positive thoughts and the positive energy and people that we surround ourselves with, are more important to our wellbeing than we might realise.


So what did my colleague do to finish her day? She had a good laugh with us and then decided to do thirty minutes of “me time” on the way home. There were not a lot of positives that she could take away from the day but looking ahead was the best option in her mind.

The fact that Winter appears to have come early – what can you do? Except to look forward to appreciating being all cosy and warm at home after a long day and bringing out beautiful winter coats and boots out of the wardrobe. And of course the impending ski season that winter brings!

And the work duties? I am a teacher. It is what I do. Having the opportunity to provide detailed, positive and constructive feedback is one of the best things about being in the classroom. Communication between students, parents and teachers is an essential connection that needs to be established and maintained for ongoing development of our 21st Century students.

Government budget cuts? I certainly don’t agree with them but I am thankful for the opportunities and connections these programs have offered and will continue to offer in one form or another.

Positive spin – keep it going!

“Be careful what you entertain in your mind! Even negative and positive self talk has far-reaching consequences. So be kind to yourself and feel confident in relying upon positive thinking to help you reach your goals.”      



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  1. jennylu said:

    Thanks for this post. It really does help to be reminded that putting a positive spin on things can alter our mindset. It’s so easy to get stuck in the drudgery of everyday life and get weighed down by the demands and expectations of our time at work. I try and laugh with my colleagues every day – there’s no point coming to work if you can’t find something positive within your day. I’ve never seen that video about water – it’s really made me think. I know that I gain so much energy from the sea and watching still water. Maybe there’s more to it than I first thought!

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