What I Live, What I Love, What I Learn

During our second lesson today, the class really started to clarify their thoughts and ideas for their Pecha Kucha presentation. We did a quick recap of the concept and they began to collect the key ideas which they would focus upon. It was vital that they decided what parts of the Foundations of Physical Activity unit were most relevant and interesting to them if they are to successfully take this learning leap.

I also encouraged all the groups (students are in pairs) to spend some time today planning out their images. Given the importance of the visual aspect of a Pecha Kucha and the nature of the task, the images need to be meaningful and interesting to them. One of the task parameters is that they must have at least two images of their own creation – whether it is in the form of photos, drawings or self-made graphics. So off they went, armed with their DER-NSW laptops and mobile phones in search of image inspiration!

We also discussed how text could be used to support their presentation. We looked at some examples how “less is more” in regards to images and text is often a very effective technique. I wanted my students to explore creative ways of incorporating text into their presentation but keeping it to a minimum. During a discussion on Twitter the other night, the always innovative @pipcleaves reminded me of how fantastic SmartArt is for text visuals. Playtime was then needed for experimentation but the ease of use and various design and colour choices proved very attractive.

The young plant now has shoots but is still in need of watering and feeding…

Stay tuned.


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