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We have passed the halfway point with our Pecha Kucha project and the excitement is starting to build. Yesterday was Lesson #3 in the production process and the presentations are starting to take shape. All ideas are now in place and students are now striving to glean great graphics, devising direct discussion, snapping snazzy shots and investigating interesting infographics to use in their Pecha Kucha presentation.


I am simply loving how my students are responding to this task. It has traditionally been quite difficult to engage students in the theory side of PASS (Physical Activity and Sport Studies). As a predominantly practical-based subject with four sessions a cycle in 3:1 practical to theory ratio, the disconnect of engagement occurs due to the fortnight that occurs between each theory lesson. I have never had a PASS class so keen to complete theory components!

The focus of Lesson #3 was as follows:

Working out your images
– Remember, you need to create at least TWO yourself
– You may want to draw image and the photograph them with your phone/webcam
– Use paint and screen clip the image
– You may also want to have a play with INFOGRAPHICS or WORD CLOUDS

Working out the discussion point for each image
– What are you talking about for each slide?
– The image should be your prompt to remind you of what you are saying

Consider an appropriate sound track
– Do you want a sound track? How will you incorporate this?

Begin constructing your presentation
– Start to compile your ideas and image in your PowerPoint file

You need to also make sure that you are aware of Digital Citizenship issues and reference where you obtained your images from if they are NOT copyright free.

I was once told by an good friend who is an Art teacher that it is important to work on a large scale when doing design work. With this in mind, we turned the Interactive Whiteboard into a canvas where the students could use Paint to edit and create their own images. Some students created their own pictures while others edited images and photos. The students had an absolute ball using the IWB in this way. Their images were then saved and uploaded onto Edmodo for them to access.

Students also went in search of copyright free images. As a result of Digital Citizenship workshops which we have run with the students, they are aware of the importance of acting appropriately in an online environment and in regards to acknowledging sources to prevent plagiarism and copyright infringement. Infographics and Word Clouds were also explored as other methods of graphic representation which could be utilised for this task. Students experimented with creating their own infographic  to add to their presentations.

Many students are still a little concerned about having to talk about each slide in front of the class. We discussed how important it is to have a strategy to promote a good flow within the presentation. A scripted speech is not the intention but more of a discussion that is prompted each image. They will be presenting in pairs and many are incorporating a keyword onto most of their slides to assist them. As they are covering at least two different topics from the unit in their presentation and much discussion has also taken place about planning their points to incorporate logical progression where possible.

By the end of the lesson, most group had the majority of their images and talking points finalised. The students will be using PowerPoint to create their Pecha Kucha presentation as each slide can be timed to be shown for twenty seconds. A couple of students have expressed interest in using a soundtrack to play during their presentation. I am thinking that a screencast of their completed presentation with the music playing will be the best way to do this. They are also investigating options to make this work. I am open to all ideas!

Growth continues but supportive structures are needed if this plant is to mature.

Stay tuned.


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  1. It is great to read about your experiences here Clarinda, always spurs an idea ! I am really interested in seeing how this eventuates and learning about how we could perhaps undertake a similar experience in English. So good for promoting succinct ideas and confidence in speaking. Are you going to peer assess or not this time ?

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