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School promotion is on the agenda for our Executive Conference later this week. I see this as a wonderful opportunity for us to consider our online presence and how this can be integrated into our long-term promotion planning. Many staff are still very wary of  the concept of using social media to create a positive online presence but I am going into the discussion with some fantastic resources and inspiration from PLN colleagues.

In late April 2011, the NSW Department of Education and Communities (NSW DEC), formerly known as the NSW DET, released their Social Media Guidelines for staff as part of the their Social Media Policy. Twitter and Facebook were also made accessible to staff in NSW DEC workplaces. This was a clear indication of the acknowledgement of the important role that social media has in our schools, in our lives and in our learning.

Consequently, these actions were also viewed as the green light many schools had been waiting for in enhancing their use of social media for communication, recognition and promotion. And so the conversation will begin in my school about increasing our level of interaction with social media.  In short, I would like our school to develop a positive online presence by establishing a school:

– Twitter account

– Facebook page

– YouTube channel

I have seen these in action and working brilliantly thanks to the inspiring work of  @Townesy77, @themolisticview and @TamaraRodgers74 who have implemented these at their Sydney-based schools.

Here are some of the resources and information I will be using to open the discussion.

Social Media in Schools by Megan Townes (@Townesy77)

Social Media in Society – A fantastic policy from the Victorian Government – Department of Justice

And why Social Learning is so meaningful.

So will it all add up? Hopefully I’ve got my maths right.


Comments on: "School + Twitter + Facebook + YouTube = Positive Online Presence" (1)

  1. townesy77 said:

    Great post Clarinda. Social media allows schools to embrace their community and promote the fabulous things going on within its gates to the whole world. Let’s show them how to use it properly 🙂

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