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My Twitter Birthday

This week I realised that I had been on Twitter for twelve months. It was during a conference in July last year that I joined Twitter. I had never used it before, had very little understanding of how it worked and wondered if I really wanted to know about what people had eaten for breakfast? I had a lot to learn in little time


I signed up purely so that I could access and participate in the backchannel that so many of my colleagues were actively building. Little did I realise that it would become the most significant element in my personal learning journey. I was also unaware at the time of the connections I would make and sustain through Twitter and the impact that would have on me in coming months. Admittedly though, I did take a slightly unconventional novice Twitter path as the first twenty people I followed, I had already met in person.

So here are the Twitter tips that were of most help in those first few weeks:

  • Use a Twitter client such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or Seesmic to manage your Twitter feed
  • Your account can be public or locked – but either way you should think before you tweet
  • Follow people, feeds or hashtags that are of interest to you
  • It is okay to unfollow people
  • Establish lists to manage your feed
  • Share as much or as little as you want – but the more you add, the more you get
The Mashable  guide below is also sensational
Twitter allows you to keep in touch with people, news, events and professional discussions no matter where you are. Recently, it also became accessible in my workplace which has added another dimension to how I interact with colleagues near and far on a daily basis. The ideas, the discussion , the collaboration and the encouragement that exist in this rich PLN cannot be matched in any one workplace.
And if you do want to know what people had for breakfast – it will fit that bill too.

Comments on: "My Twitter Birthday" (3)

  1. Carla Saunders said:

    Happy Twitter Birthday Clarinda 🙂

  2. Seriously, people need to get over the cliche that twitter is all about people sharing what they had for breakfast.

  3. In other news, happy twitter birthday. I still remember Jan introducing you and then saying ‘She’s just followed you on Twitter’. Was a bit funny.

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