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Challenge Time!

We all need a good challenge to keep us motivated, focused and energised! Some challenges in my sphere at the moment

The Marshmallow Challenge! on Prezi

Can’t wait to see which Executive team is on par with the Kindergarten students in this challenge.

My own #30daychallenge

A colleague has inspired me to take on a personal #30daychallenge – adopt a positive behaviour for 30 days straight. Hers is to give up caffeine. Mine will be to kickstart my fitness regime again with 30 days straight of a minimum of 20 minutes exercise. Currently at Day 10 and feeling fantastic!

Can you do a #30daychallenge? Pick a postive change to your lifestyle and away you go!

DIY Challenges

Gardening, concreting, drilling, changing washers. I am becoming quite proficient in this area – and surprising myself too! Amazing what you can achieve with a bit of elbow grease and YouTube.



Love a new challenge!


Comments on: "Challenge Time!" (4)

  1. I have to admire your determination and enthusiasm for tackling the new Clarinda !
    Love these challenges and can think of a few I need to set for myself 🙂 The Marshmallow Challenge sounds like a fantastic exec activity for teamwork and most importantly …laughter !

    • Thanks Carla! Can highly recommend the Marshmallow Challenge- some very creative thinking, unusual strategy and much laughter resulted.

      My other challenges are certainly testing me! However, I am definitely feeling invigorated on the fitness front and the DIY dilemmas are certainly testing me.

      Thanks for your comment and would looking forward to hearing about your challenges!

  2. I love the marshmallow challenge! I used it to introduce BlogEd to staff on a staff development day – I could’ve created a PowerPoint and stood at the front of a room full of 70 bored teachers (I almost did) but then I decided to create a BlogEd blog, give them the marshmallow instructions and a laptop. Each team had a ‘blogger’ and they blogged their experience including a reflection at the end. Much more fun and relevant to the concept of blogging 😉

    Congrats on your achievements in the 30 day challenge so far! I might have to take up the challenge but what should I choose? LOL There’s so many options: give up rum, give up coffee, give up Coke Zero, give up energy drinks – that’s all about giving up, hmmmm. I could also choose to exercise like you, something I know I should do but just don’t. The one that has just come to me is that I could phone at least one family member a day. A large majority of my family are on Facebook (even my 84 year old Nanna) or Twitter or they have a mobile phone so I find myself using social media or text messaging to communicate with family. We even use the HeyTell app to leave voice messages for crying out loud! So there we go, I’ve made my decision as I type this comment: my 30 day challenge is to use a telephone every day to phone one of my relatives and speak to them 🙂

    Thanks Clarinda 🙂 Maybe in the next challenge I’ll give one of my vices up 😉

  3. […] towards a goal is always refreshing and a worthy personal challenge. On a personal level, I plan to capitalise on meeting recent goals, taking the #30daychallenge by […]

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