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3 Blogs, 2 Minutes, 1 TeachMeet #tmsydney

I am attending a TeachMeet Sydney event this afternoon at Oakhill College. Those of you on Twitter, you can follow or catch up later on the backchannel via the #tmsydney tag. I am really looking forward to catching up with colleagues, meeting some people in real life for the first time – having only previously met them on Twitter and seeing some fantastic Pecha Kucha presentations and just enjoying sharing of new ideas. Here is my mini presentation on Blogging in my Classroom



Pecha Kucha Finale – Part #5

This post is unbelievably behind schedule but explores the final part of the Pecha Kucha journey undertaken by my class. After four lessons of preparation, pondering and photographing – the day had arrived where my class would be presenting their Pecha Kucha presentations.

So we have arrived at PechaKucha day. Have my students actively engaged with this unit? Has the Pecha Kucha experience been beneficial? Have I provided an opportunity for the construction of deep knowledge and meaningful learning? Or, have I simply created another vehicle for angst about speeches, bullet points and PowerPoint?


Food for Thought – Reflecting on #PDHPETA2011

Generally, weekends are a time to relax and unwind. A time to try to not think about work 24/7 and to catch up on “life”. As a teacher, we tend to relish these two days which, although often packed with sport, events, family and a multitude of domestic duties,  help us reconnect with ourselves. Take a day out of the weekend for a work-related event and resentment accompanied by exhaustion is rarely far away.

Except in this case.