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Generally, weekends are a time to relax and unwind. A time to try to not think about work 24/7 and to catch up on “life”. As a teacher, we tend to relish these two days which, although often packed with sport, events, family and a multitude of domestic duties,  help us reconnect with ourselves. Take a day out of the weekend for a work-related event and resentment accompanied by exhaustion is rarely far away.

Except in this case.

I have just spent  Friday and Saturday at the NSW PDHPE Teachers’ Association Annual State Conference 2011. This was my first PDHPETA conference and my mind has been buzzing since the conference opened on Friday morning  and provided a wonderful smorgasbord of opportunity for two days of reflection, networking and planning.


Specials of the Day


On the Menu

  • Encouraging more PDHPE teacher to get involved in events such as TeachMeets
  • So many formal and informal discussions about the use of tools such as Edmodo, blogging, peer assessment, Pecha Kuchas and Web tools. There is a need and a market for professional learning opportunities to be embraced here which accommodate various levels of knowledge. Although many of us already use these on a daily basis, there are always benefits to sharing best practice and revisiting the basics.
  • The establishment of a PDHPETA Wiki or Blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter presence in conjunction with the PDHPETA website would provide another communication channel. It would also enable regular and real-time support of teachers throughout the year.



  • Fantastic opportunity for PDHPE teacher from all sectors, from all levels and from all career periods to meet each other and to network and share ideas on all aspects of the profession.
  • I have been on Twitter for a little over a year now and the #PEGeeks network is one of the main reasons that I became involved. The conference provided the opportunity to meet some more tweeps in real life and to introduce others to the Twitter PLN as well.
  • To now act on these reflections this week. In closing the conference Ellie Donovan, PDHPETA President, mentioned how acting immediately on ideas or skills developed during the conference would make them stick. So with that in mind, Operation iPad/iPod Touch begins officially tomorrow.

So in summary, I am heading into the coming week wanting more than ever to bring some of my ideas to fruition and with a renewed energy to continue to network and collaborate with others.

I feel reconnected.


Comments on: "Food for Thought – Reflecting on #PDHPETA2011" (10)

  1. great conference by the sounds of it. Would love to head up that way to learn about how PE in particular is different. Learnt a lot about the WA curriculum earlier this month and found it valuable. Do you have an ACHPER state conference?

  2. jonesytheteacher said:

    Nice thoughts, Clarinda. I must admit that I enjoy conferences, but I find the networking and conversations blow many of the presentations away for value and relevance.
    I really liked the concept of the “Unconference” from earlier in the year, and I reckon the nature of this seemingly unstructured but amazingly engaging format would lend itself to PDHPE and their annual get tothers.
    Great to hear you’re energised – I look forward to hearing about your mobile experiments. I’m sure the degree of innovation and resulting quality student learning will be high! No pressure, then! Jonesy 🙂

    • I found the networking and informal chats amazing too. Definitely alot of enthusiasm for innovative change and new ideas.

      I agree with you too on the #1to1unconf ideas that could be utilised well at the next PDHPETA conference. In particular, the micro learning sessions and Playpen would be fantastic!

      Thanks for comment and encouragement Jonesy!

  3. I am going to show this post to Dale ( husband) Clarinda. He has been wanting to attend this and he was also impressed by your Scoop.it pages-just playing with his own. I wish I could get him on twitter 🙂

    • Glad that he is finding Scoop.it useful. It is a great tool for curation. Even if he is reluctant to join Twitter, he can begin by checking out the #PEGeeks tag. Might just be the push he needs 🙂

      Thanks for comment Carla.

  4. Still disappointed I couldn’t get out there. Looks like it was an excellent 2 days. Thanks for keeping those of us who couldn’t get there updated with plenty of tweets. While not physically there I have managed to get a few things to take-away myself

    • Good to hear the back channel was useful! Also recruited a few more #PEGeeks.

      Fantastic that you still got things from the event.

      Thanks for comment Darryn.

  5. Hey Clarinda
    Glad you enjoyed the conference – always a good time – in all respects. Sorry I didnt get there but my ‘young uns’ got a lot out of it.

    • Hi Sue,

      It has definitely given me alot to think about. Great that your staff enjoyed it too. I took along a ‘young un’ as well and she also had a fantastic experience.

      Thanks for comment.


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