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Today I will be in wonderful Byron Bay at the invitation of the Principal of Byron Bay High School, Peter King to present on the Digital Citizenship program that has been implemented at my school at a joint School Development Day with Mullumbimby High School. The day is off-site at Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre, Lennox Head and is a beautiful venue for team-building and kicking off new ideas.

My ‘Embed Encourage Empower’ Pecha Kucha presentation

The aim of the program is to develop students’ skills which will allow them to participate safely, productively and respectfully in an online environment whether they are at home or at school. The online world is very much part of their world and it is essential that they are aware of the expectations, responsibilities and opportunities associated with this involvement.

Key features of the Cumberland High School Digital Citizenship program:

  • Student-led workshops
  • Whole-school approach
  • Year-specific activities
  • Topics covered include safe texting, use of social media, protecting privacy, online profile safety and transacting online

A variety of resources used in our program are available for use including:

  • Links to key sites
  • Lesson outlines
  • Useful video resources

All my resources for Digital Citizenship in My School are housed in their own blog.


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