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I am attending a TeachMeet Sydney event this afternoon at Crestwood High School. Those of you on Twitter, you can follow or catch up later on the backchannel via the #tmsydney tag. This will be my fourth TeachMeet. They are a fantastic space for educators from all sectors and settings to share ideas via Pecha Kucha presentations, 2-minute mini presentations and inspiring informal discussions. Here is my mini presentation on a few things, that I am very proud to say, I am no longer doing all by myself.

My presentation will take the form of a mini Pecha Kucha – six slides, twenty seconds each in the hope that I will be able to stick to the two-minute time slot.

Many things that have inspired this presentation. Over the last twelve months,  there have been many changes trialled and implemented in my school. The most inspiring part  –  the uptake by others and the momentum which has been gained and continues to roll on. Here are five examples from my presentation:


  • My school has now been using Edmodo as an eLearning platform for twelve months
  • We now have 75% of staff using it with the majority of their classes; 50%  of staff use it at least three times per week
  • Students and staff are accessing Edmodo during holidays and on weekends
  • Staff training sessions have occurred on school development days, after school and during lunchtimes. A workshop on the newer features of Badges and Quizzes was part of the most recent school development day at the start of this year. The best part – it wasn’t me presenting. Two other staff members organised and delivered this session to the whole staff in a hands-on workshop – very proud of them!
  • A fairly new discovery. I have been trying it out with my classes, with an emphasis on positive points and tying in behaviours with our Positive Behaviour for Learning program.
  • After sharing it with other staff, it is now being used in over ten classes across three faculty areas.
  • Students are loving the real time change of score and staff are enjoying its user-friendly interface and positive impact in the classroom.
iPad and Apps
  • We began with one in the school last year and now have seven across four faculty areas.
  • Initial training with staff has made them in charge of their device with their own itunes account.
  • While classroom implementation is in varying stages, staff are well on their way. Ideas for uses and sharing of new app discoveries are coming thick and fast on email between staff and further sharing sessions are being held and initiated by them.
  • The PDHPE faculty purchased two Xbox Kinect consoles last year to enhance elective courses and to offer a greater variety of options for wet weather and dance lessons using games such as Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports and Dance Central.
  • The consoles have now been used in two other faculty areas and are now part of the school Recreational sport program and have also been used in Staff Professional Learning activities
Social Media
  • Cumberland High School now has its own Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube online spaces.
  • Staff are now getting into the habit of requesting updates to be placed on Facebook/Twitter (which are linked to auto-update) but having two other staff members request to be administrators of these and actually begin posting themselves is great to see.
  • Messages have maintained consistency in tone and students and parents are getting in the habit of checking these spaces as well. Now if only they were all unblocked at school to staff and students….

Although still small changes and early days for some of these, sustainability is definitely in the air.



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