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I am attending a Women in Educational Leadership – WIEL event this afternoon and am very honoured to have been invited to present. The theme of the workshop is Young Innovative Women in Educational Leadership in Western Sydney. I have decided to do a Pecha-Kucha outlining some of my leadership lessons learnt so far and how important it is that we all have Room to Grow.

Coordinated by the WIEL committee, Melinda Bright  (Deputy Principal, Crestwood High School) in particular drives these professional learning events. I am in fantastic company as there is a great line-up of presenters,

  • Sarah Howard – Mount Lewis Infants
  • Jodie Field – Hazelbrook PS
  • Ashleigh Rendell, AP Teachnology, Canley Vale PS
  • Libby Chilvers – student Crestwood HS
  • Elly Connolly – classroom teacher Crestwood HS
  • Karla Olmos – classroom teacher St.Clair HS
  • Pip Cleaves – Professional Learning & Curriculum support project officer.

Looking forward to a great afternoon!

Room to Grow – My Pecha-Kucha Notes

My leadership journey – Room to grow

1. Introduction

2. Twists and turns – unusual opportunities at times

3. Open doors – Opportunity to do a Relieving position, on loan to another school

4. Deep end – New responsibilities: you’re in charge of technology, you have an NST and an interesting faculty situation

5. Core business – always learning and finding new ways to enjoy the teaching and learning, new courses to teach, new ways to teach

6. TEAM – corny but true, growth in faculty, major changes in Executive team – and the trust, support and understanding of a good team is invaluable

7. Reflect – critical reflective practices – be critical and learn, take the time to find balance for your own wellbeing and sanity

8. Blog – definitely a blogging newbie but a great way to share and engage with others and one of the best reflective tools I’ve found

9. Twitter = connectedness to new ideas, to new concepts and to others in similar or totally dissimilar situations but it opens your eyes and also doors. Depends how you use and who you choose to follow.

10. Digital Citizenship in My School – most proud of this school initiative. Student-lead, year-specific workshop program.

11. Connected learning and use of mobile devices for teaching and learningalso going strong, slow implementation but swift uptake. Seeing more than just a gimmick but and authentic classroom tool with the greatest student access.

12. Our online presence – creating and establishing a positive online presence

13. Catering for all – Yoda would be proud, emotional intelligence and understanding, varied staff with varied opinions and skills sets, all need to feel supported

14. Change is not possible without ownership and understanding, all moving in one direction though maybe at different speeds

15. Feedback – find out who are your mirrors, your sounding boards and your critical friends

16. Yes No – learn to say but not too quickly, be judicious and look after yourself. Be fair and do try the N word occasionally

17. External optimist but looking for the positive or at least using your green opportunity hat

18. A true life lesson – learning to cope with imperfection,  micro managing is not the answer and things often turn out better

19. Have a destination in mind but be flexible to take your time or a slightly different path

20. Make sure that you are nourished, encouraged and given space to grow and flourish. Choices – enjoy the spoils of the good ones, learn from the poor ones bur make each one count!


Comments on: "Room to Grow – #WS_WIEL #awesomewomen" (2)

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your PK slides and notes- what a great line up of people to be inspired by. My first WIEL event was the North Coast conference last year and it was fantastic.It is great reading the tweet stream this evening.

    • Hi Carla,

      Thank you for your feedback and comment. It was my first WIEL event too and a fantastic afternoon of sharing and learning. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future events.


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