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Week 1 Wins!

Six days into the new school year and the summer holidays are but a blur. Week 2 is knocking at the door and it will be super-packed with whole-school events in full swing. But I thought I’d take a breather and reflect on the fantastic first week that was.

In short, I feel ready and pumped for Week 2! I already feel well and truly settled into the school year. I can’t quite remember when I’ve felt that way so soon into Term 1.

My classes have been organised, focused and motivated. Maybe the short 3-day week has something to do with that but it was a great start. Maybe it was the fact that I had those classes last year too in some capacity. Whatever it was, I loved being with my classes.

My faculty are their normal, wonderful selves. Each very different, each very energetic and all ready to get back into the swing as quickly as possible. With swimming carnival tomorrow, we’ve hit the ground running! Maybe we are all still in a our relaxed holiday stupor to some extent. Maybe we are just clicking earlier than normal into the well-oiled machine that are most of time. The talk, the positivity and the energy has been fantastic! Not to mention the sorting out of Friday Week B as our regular pizza lunch day. Priorities people!

My whole school role has also changed this year. I have the Teaching and Learning portfolio encompassing all professional learning activities onsite, approvals for external professional learning activities and ensuring that our core business of teaching ensures engagement and enthusiasm for both staff add students. Day 1 School Development Day went well and the feedback for staff has been insightful, mainly positive and honest. Our model of hands-on workshops on this day continues to encourage staff to implement new ideas in their classroom. A definite win!

I still get to dabble in connected learning but really it should all be one, coordinated and embedded approach. I like to think so anyway. That challenge excites me. The chance to change processes and programs has already begun and the PL applications are flowing in! It will be a frantic pace to maintain but ball has started rolling and I have no plans to stop it.

Maybe the immense productivity of Week 1 has left me in a happy little bubble – even leading me to blog for the first time in ages! Maybe the adrenalin of returning to work will soon ebb and more realistic, less exciting issues will soon dominate my days. Maybe it’s just the start of a really awesome year!

Let’s see how I feel at the end of Week 2!


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