What I Live, What I Love, What I Learn

My overview of the Launch Learning program for Teacher Professional Learning at Cumberland High School.

Launch Learning  – Outline

Launch Learning is designed to focus on what individual teachers want to learn and improve in their teaching space.


Discovery Strand:

a)      PARTICIPATE in a ‘pay-it-forward’ style of lesson observation

b)      OBSERVE a lesson once a semester by another teacher (preferably out of faculty) based on class/year group, ICT use/new activity. Lesson choice to be about a teaching element, rather than content/subject

c)      ENGAGE in discussion with the teacher of that lesson to enable reflection and analysis of the lesson observed

d)      NOMINATE a lesson once a semester to be observed by any teacher in the school

–          This may be via email, sign on notice board, etc.

e)      ENGAGE in discussion with the observer of that lesson to enable reflection and evaluation of the lesson taught.


Challenger Strand:

a)      IDENTIFY an area of faculty skill development (classroom focus) as outlined in Faculty Management plans, in alignment with School Management Plan.

b)      IMPLEMENT one faculty workshop per semester to focus on specific skill development for the classroom as deemed a priority by the HT’s & faculty i.e. classroom management, new/improved use of ICT elements

–          This may be facilitated by the HT, faculty members or other school/external staff

–          Staff who have attended TPL events may also be in a position to deliver these.

c)      REFLECT on the Discovery Strand activities in TARS (Teacher Assessment and Review Schedule) meetings


Key Points

  • Participation is encouraged by all staff.
  • Lesson observations are anticipated to be approximately 20-30 mins of the lesson
  • Faculty workshops can be on any day/format i.e. Wednesday afternoon hands-on workshop. You may want to team this up with a faculty dinner/outing.


Where to now?

Start thinking about what YOU would like to bring to your teaching and learning space. Do you want to focus on:

–         ICT/Edmodo use

–         Improving your use of apps or devices

–         Classroom management skills

–         Managing a particular class

–         New approaches in general


Now for lift off!


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