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Exceeding Expectations

It’s not unusual to begin the year talking about class expectations and plans for the year ahead. But getting my students to decide on their own class expectations was a new experience – and such a rewarding one!


My Year 9 Girls elective PASS (physical activity and sport studies) class did a fantastic job in:
– choosing activities they would like to do in practical lessons, and
– nominating their expectations for the class.

Each student some post-its to record their suggestions before placing them on the whiteboard. They then had the opportunity to read everyone’s ideas.

Just to clarify, I teach at a normal comprehensive 7-12 high school. We are boy heavy, around 3:2 and this class is a regular elective class and not streamed.

Without explicit guidance or suggestion, my girls have chosen a great range of expectations which encompass our school core values but also their own personal goals. They were also given free choice on practical activities and have picked a great variety of actual sports and modified activities which I will incorporate into our program. I am just so impressed and excited that they are exhibiting this kind of ownership from the outset.

This is the first time I’ve had a PASS class in three years and their enthusiasm in this task was amazing. All I had to do was pretty them up using Tagxedo – word cloud creator and laminate them for our room!

Students never cease to amaze me and I’m sure this will be the first of many awesome experiences with this class!


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