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Mission: Teaching and Learning Headspace

Teaching and learning. Professional learning. Leading learning. All of this means nothing without achieving better student learning. And so I begin the challenge of developing a Teaching & Learning (TL) Professional Learning program to develop staff at my school to better support student learning at my school. Simple, right? (more…)


Missing Key to PD?

I’ve become very disillusioned with many opportunities for professional development (PD) and professional learning.
Let me rephrase that – I’ve become very disillusioned with some people’s views of professional development and how it should be delivered. The expectation of attending a PD session just to be a passive sponge is no longer relevant to many of us for professional learning. Just as this is no longer accepted as effective or engaging classroom teaching and learning strategy.

Not all by myself #tmsydney #FTW

I am attending a TeachMeet Sydney event this afternoon at Crestwood High School. Those of you on Twitter, you can follow or catch up later on the backchannel via the #tmsydney tag. This will be my fourth TeachMeet. They are a fantastic space for educators from all sectors and settings to share ideas via Pecha Kucha presentations, 2-minute mini presentations and inspiring informal discussions. Here is my mini presentation on a few things, that I am very proud to say, I am no longer doing all by myself.


Embed Encourage Empower – #DigitalCitizenship in My School

Today I will be in wonderful Byron Bay at the invitation of the Principal of Byron Bay High School, Peter King to present on the Digital Citizenship program that has been implemented at my school at a joint School Development Day with Mullumbimby High School. The day is off-site at Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre, Lennox Head and is a beautiful venue for team-building and kicking off new ideas.

My ‘Embed Encourage Empower’ Pecha Kucha presentation


Food for Thought – Reflecting on #PDHPETA2011

Generally, weekends are a time to relax and unwind. A time to try to not think about work 24/7 and to catch up on “life”. As a teacher, we tend to relish these two days which, although often packed with sport, events, family and a multitude of domestic duties,  help us reconnect with ourselves. Take a day out of the weekend for a work-related event and resentment accompanied by exhaustion is rarely far away.

Except in this case.