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Processes, Procedures and Protocols – Both sides of the coin!

These go hand in hand with the job of teaching. This afternoon, I had the unusual experience of encountering and observing three examples of the ups and downs of these in the school environment. Let’s face it, schools are built on these! At times these can seem incredibly restrictive. At other times, you know that things just wouldn’t happen at all if they weren’t there. Often, they save the day whether we like to admit it or not.

That said, I’m not having a whinge or declaring that doing the right thing and not speaking or acting is the way to go. Rather, I’m sharing my feelings on how frustrating these can be on either side of the coin and the irony of what happens when:
– you don’t follow these and get a negative result;
– you do follow these and still get a negative result;
– you play no part in the process but are unhappy with the result.