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Shoe Biz – No Need to be an Imelda!

In light of the fact that I have been in the Philippines for the last ten days, I thought it would be fitting (pun intended) to mention shoes in a post.

Long has been the battle in PDHPE to encourage students to bring full sports uniform to change into for practical lessons. This may also mean that they need to also bring another pair of shoes to school, depending on your uniform policy. At my school, black leather school shoes are required to be in correct uniform and students need to change into sneakers/joggers for sport lessons. This can add significant bulk and weight to students’ school bags. Therefore, it is not surprising that shoes are the most common item often “forgotten” when packing sports uniform into the school bag.

Introducing ZIPZ – interchangeable shoe system



Inspiring Invitation

So the inspiration to start my blog was ignited with an invitation to be a guest speaker at an important Award Ceremony at my old high school. Preparing for this presentation to 800+ students and staff was quite daunting. What did I want to share? What had I achieved in the last 10 years? What would I want to hear if I was in the audience?

Not sure if I managed to answer that last question but here are some parts of the presentation I came up with.

What I’ve Learnt on Prezi

It is very easy to offer advice in hindsight. But that’s not what I want to do. What I would like to share is things that I have learnt up until now as I moved from school to uni and back into schools.